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Westlake Origination Terms and Conditions of Use

Buyer acknowledges and agrees by purchasing live transfers from Westlake Origination Center to the following terms and conditions:  


  • Westlake Origination Center bills for 88% of any Live Transfers that are connected with a Buyer for 15 seconds or longer. For example, if we send 100 Live Transfers, you will be billed for 88 live transfers.


  • Westlake Origination Center bills 100% of Failed Live Transfers.  A Failed Live Transfer is defined as Westlake Origination Center attempting to call the DID provided (by the Buyer) for 15 seconds or longer, and the Buyer abandons the call (or the call is declined by the company purchasing the lead). The 15 seconds starts from the time Westlake Origination dials out to the phone number/DID provided. The 15 seconds does NOT start at the time the Buyers phone initally rings (verified by our system reporting) but when Westlake Origination Center initiates the Live Transfer from our system therefore it is recommended that the Buyer verify with their phone system provider there are no call filters or anything that would cause a delay in the phone ringing from an inbound call/Live Transfer. It is also recommended that the buyer has it’s own DID for Westlake Origination Center Live Transfer intake. In the case of a Failed Live Transfer the potential clients information is sent to the Buyer in standard e-mail format to be contacted by the Buyer.


  • Westlake Origination Center will bill weekly every Tuesday for the following weeks leads, and this invoice is due by EOB Thursday. Westlake Origination Center reserves the right to pause or cancel the campaign until payment is received.


  • Each Monday, we will send out an invoice for any overage sent the previous week. For example, if the previous Tuesday you paid for 200 Live Transfers, and we sent you 207 Live Transfers, you would receive an invoice on next Monday for 7 live transfers. This invoice is due by EOB Tuesday. 

  • Westlake Origination Center is not responsible for and does not guarantee, does not track, and is not responsible for conversion rates on leads provided.


  • Westlake Origination Center does not guarantee any specific amount of leads per day or per week, but acts in good faith to fulfill the order that was paid for the previous week. In the event that Westlake Origination Center does not deliver on the amount paid for the previous week, our clients have an option to receive a check for what is owed by the following Wednesday, to receive a credit for those live transfers owed on the next weeks bill, or to receive the amount of Live Transfers on top, if possible, of the order placed for the following week.


  • Buyer understands and agrees to, by purchasing Live Transfers, to indemnify Westlake Origination Center from any and all liability that might result from said Live Transfers purchased.  We agree to scrub all data from any and all lists our clients provide for suppression but that is where our services end. 


  • Buyer agrees to use a phone/routing system that can implement SIP trunk routing and posting SECURELY instead of a traditional DID routing method; this is not a requirement, but there will be no 15 second buffer for failed live transfers if they do not use a dialer that is able to use SIP trunk routing securely with the WOC system.


  • Buyer agrees to use a “Ring all” routing system for all Westlake leads, that will simultaneously ring to multiple agents. The Buyer agrees to NOT use any other routing method, such as a waterfall routing system or individual ring protocol.


  • Buyer agrees to not resell Westlake Origination Center live transfers to any other companies, affiliates, independent contractors, or any other person.


  • Buyer agrees to hold harmless and indemnify Westlake Origination Center for any and all liability resulting from a live transfers, including but not limited to DNC, TCPA issues etc.


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